Rooftop Bar Downtown LA

So yesterday I went to The Standard in Downtown LA with a couple of friends. It was my first time in Downtown and my first time on a rooftop bar in general here in the US. The place is really spacious and it includes everything one can ask for. They of course have a bar, areas to relax and chill, including waterbeds, fireplaces if you get cold, a dance floor and a pool. From the outside I was disappointed at first because it is a relatively flat building, with a lot of buildings around reaching far higher into the sky. But when being on the rooftop this is actually really cool, because you are still able to overlook other buildings but have all the lights from around.  They are supposed to have a really good brunch over there so this is definitely on my to-do list 🙂

The pictures are taken with my phone, so the quality is quite bad, but anyways here they are just to give you at least a hint how it looks like.

Foto 1

Foto 3

By the way my hair looks really weird in the picture 😀 No I didn’t dye it blond and I didn’t dye the ends brown. It’s just the flash light…


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