My new project at Taycor Financial

So I would like to give you all an update about my internship here at Taycor Financial as my 3rd week is over now and I just started my fourth week. Time has passed by so quickly but I can definitely say that I could get a good insight into the company so far, and that I am pleased to work here.

When I started working at Taycor Financial I had very limited knowledge about equipment leasing and financing, basically being based on the research I did over the internet. In the last 3 weeks though, I was able to get a really good insight into the industry. The business project we started recently was a great help. We are basically analyzing all the different steps between marketing up to funding of a deal and try to make improvements and recommendations, which will help the company being more efficient in the future. This work helped me in not only understanding how the company works internally but also how external parties are involved in the process, meaning I understand the broad picture now. We are looking at different areas of business, including marketing, customer relationship management, financial aspects and business development in general. This makes the project interesting, varied and challenging at the same time. Taycor has always been very helpful in answering all the questions I have and was able to provide me with professional assistance.

Even though only working here for a short amount of time I have the feeling I have learned a lot and that I was able to get a good insight into the American business life. I am able to see what I can apply from what I learned in college, but also where improvements are needed. This is really important for me as it helps me in developing myself personally and professionally. I am glad to be able to do my internship here at Taycor Financial and are looking forward to the upcoming months.


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