What does home feel like


Between fighting with my jet lag, unpacking, repacking for my upcoming trip in just 2 days, doctors appointments, writing exams, visiting all my friends and family, watching the world cup games and parting because Germany won and preparing everything for my study abroad in Scotland, I finally found the time to be active here. I really won’t have that much time as well as limited internet access the next weeks, when I will be doing a 4 week round trip along the West coast of the States with some German friends. So I certainly felt the need to post and keep everybody updated about how the past 10 days have been for me after moving back to Germany, before I won’t have the time to do so anymore.

To be honest it feels like I haven’t been away. Everything is the same way as when I left. This should be a good sign I guess. I mean it could’t be any better than coming home, feeling welcomed and a sense of belonging. Of course it needed some adjusting time. Living with my mom and her new husband certainly is strange at some points after having been living on my own since 3 years, when moving out for college. The weather totally sucks, even though it is warm, it has been raining almost every day and thunderstorms happen on a regular basis. So just as it always has been here. Food wise I am glad to be back, I really missed my German breakfast, especially bread. Of course my mom knew it and made our breakfast the biggest meal of the day the past week, lucky me 🙂 Oh and I never imagined I would ever say I missed trees in my life, but I did. Going out for a walk or a run, being surrounded by trees is amazing! And before I forget I really missed driving a stick. It was a little scary first, but soon I figured how boring driving an automatic car is.

Of course I miss California. I miss the beach and the beautiful sunsets. The ocean and the sound of the waves walking with your feet in the water. The endless possibilities one has for going out. And of course the beautiful views of the city with all its sparkling lights.

I think when being abroad for a longer period of time, you truly learn to appreciate little things in life, by realizing what you miss. You learn that not necessarily the big things are the ones that make you happy, but small ones, which normally seem unimportant, like trees and sparkling city lights 🙂



Saying Goodbye


Sorry you all, I haven’t had the time to be active the last couple of weeks. Moving back to Germany kept and still keeps me really busy. This post has been ‘sitting’ here for a while now unfinished of course. But I could finally finish it today, just a short one…

This is it, the day that I did not want to come got here, being the one on which I had to leave LA. It is unbelievable to me how fast the past 5 months have passed by. Months felt more like weeks, but I should see this as a good sign, because it truly means I had a great time, creating amazing memories, which will stay forever. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, but when you have people that tell you it is no goodbye but rather a see you soon, one just has to be positive and simply believe that it is true, or try to make the effort to make it happen. For me actually it is the truths as I will be back in Germany for only 2 weeks, writing exams, but then coming back to do a roundtrip along the west coast with some German friends. So it truly is a see you soon, very soon actually. The hardest part will be to say goodbye again then, because this will be a see you soon, not knowing what soon means. Months, a year, or several years. I really hope if won’t be the last one.

I have to say it is hard if not almost impossible not to fall in love with California. I enjoyed each and every moment being here, with small ups and downs. The landscape, the weather and the lifestyle are the perfect combination. Leaving this behind feels like being knocked off your feed falling right on your face, but I know that after a little stumbling trying to get up and staggering around everything will become perfect again, as I will just start my next journey. California you have been so good to me, I will miss you bunches and see you soon!