Saturday night in Downtown

Saturday night a couple of friends and me decided to go to Downtown. We started early with a ping pong match at the Standard. I guess this is a typical American thing, at least I haven’t seen a separate room with ping pong tables in any bar in Germany. It was fun though, ย as I haven’t done this for some years now. After the ping pong match we went to The Pearch, a rooftop bar quite close to the Standard. I love the interior design of the place, especially the restaurant and bar on the 15th floor through which you pass when going up to the rooftop. It is decorated with really generous, antique furniture with a bohemian touch. The experience of the place begins before the 15th floor though, it starts once entering the quite dated elevator, which gave me some creeps as it was shaking weirdly ๐Ÿ˜€ Once you enter the rooftop bar, the view of downtown is amazing. There is a cozy but eclectic atmosphere. Fire pits allow for being able to sit outside year around. I will definitely go there again and can recommend this place, the only disappointment were the drinks. My drink called “My fair lady” tasted like a huge shot of vodka and mojitos tasted like juice. But oh well, when enjoying this view it really doesn’t matter what drink you hold in your hands.

2 friends wanted to join us later, but getting there after 9 o’clock wasn’t possible without waiting in line for at least an hour. Another typical thing for America I guess, is going out so early. In Europe the party doesn’t start before 12 and here everything closes at 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we decided to go to a less crowded place and ended up in a bar called aqua lounge. A small place, but nicely decorated. Have seen better bars though.

All in all we had a great night though ๐Ÿ™‚








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