Walking on my own

As I mentioned in my previous post Halftime, last Friday half of my stay here in Los Angeles was over. As it was Good Friday and my supervisor gave me the option of taking the day off if I want to, I decided to do so. This allowed me to handle some stuff with DMV, I hate there opening times, having a normal job you have to take a day off or at least leave early or come in late if you have to go there. I then went to the beach in Marina and started walking from there all the way passing Venice pier along the Venice boardwalk, passing by all the shops, artists, restaurants and muscle beach to buy some postcards. It can be so relaxing sometimes just to be alone, not having to talk to somebody and just go wherever you feel like. On my way back a huge crowd of probable 200 people had gathered around a group of 15 street dancers. I watched their show, which lasted at least half an hour and it probable was the best show I have ever seen. It all seemed really professional and at some points was hilarious.





Still on the beach this cute little dog kept jumping at me and really didn’t want to let me go.





Later I realized that it was quite a strange coincidence that I went to Venice on my half time day, as this was the place I went to on my first day here as well.  Such coincidences sometimes make me wonder if it really is just an coincidence or if there is more. This is a question I will most likely never answer in my life but still it makes me think. No matter what, Venice is such a fun place to go to once in a while, it is just a place you can find nowhere else in LA. I love the mix of people. No matter in what a bad mood you are, in Venice you will find something or somebody that makes you smile 🙂




My Valentine’s Day


I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Valentines Day in general. There definitely is a bigger hype about it here in the States than there is in Germany. I haven’t seen so many stores all decorated in pink with a thousand of hearts and entire sections in supermarkets full of stuff just for this day in my entire time in Germany combined, as I have seen in a week here! But I have to say I like it here better than in Germany. At least everybody is into it.

As my Valentine is back in Germany, I decided to go for a walk with my flatmate to Venice Beach as it was such a nice and sunny day. We walked all the way to the end of the beach close to Marina. The beach was full of hearts drawn into the sand. I guess many people had the idea to come to beach as it was a perfect day for it. We had ice cream at cold stones, which was really good! So this was the Valentine’s present I had for myself 😉

Finally we enjoyed the perfect sunset at the pier in Venice and went back home to get ready to have some sushi for dinner. All in all it was a nice alternative Valentine’s day 🙂




Social Americans


The first thing I decided to do in Los Angeles was going to visit Venice. It’s such a vivid place. There are people performing or trying to sell things to you, people riding along the beach by bike and enjoying the ocean view.

What I directly came across was how open, talkative and social the Americans are compared to the Germans. As I didn’t have a car at this point I was taking the bus. While walking to the bus station almost every person I passed said hello. I couldn’t find the bus station first, so I had to ask. The guy I asked  was really helpful, even leaving his store to walk with me for a bit to show me where to go. Once at Venice I got into a conversation with a guy, who was skateboarding there. We had a 30 minutes conversation, in which he told me about the different areas of LA – and yes LA is just so huge, kind of overwhelming at the beginning -and gave me recommendations about which places to visit. I definitely have to get used to random people just talking to me, but love the openness.