Litte final treats


While I slowly realize I am really leaving LA next week, more and more all the things I will miss so much pop up in my mind. This is why I took a long beach walk with my roommate and one of her friends, including his Rhodesian Ridgeback Koi yesterday, enjoying the view on all the boats out there. For dinner we went to our favorite Thai restaurant in Malibu, enjoying the drive there watching the sparkling water and the sun disappear behind the mountains, leaving the world in a golden color.

Going back to normal really does not sound like an option for me at the moment and luckily even though I have to leave, it won’t be for long, as I will be back to do a 4 week round trip with some friends from Germany. Then Scotland is coming up, which will be far from normal as well. Trying to think in a positive way is the best I can do now. But one thing for sure, California I will miss you!









Birthday at the beach



So it was my birthday yesterday. Weird not being at home, celebrating with family and friends like I basically did the last 22 years. My supervisor at work was really nice and gave me the day off. I didn’t ask for it, just to come in an hour late so that I would have enough time to skype and talk to everybody in the morning. But he was like ‘are you kidding? Take the day off!’ So I did. Of course everybody else still had to go to work, so I made the decision to take my roommates beach cruiser bike and take the canal path up to the beach, after making all the calls with family and friends. I haven’t been riding a bike while being here and since the weather basically asked for a beach day ( 36°C/97°F) it was the perfect decision. It only took me 15 minutes until I finally reached the beach, secured the bike and started my relaxing day, reading, listening to music and eventually taking a dip in the ocean once in a while. I think I have never spent any birthday at the beach, except maybe when I was younger and we used to go to the Netherlands where we have a trailer. Nothing you can compare to the beaches of LA and the Pacific Ocean though! In the evening my roommate and me went to an Italian place for dinner. I have been to that place before (you can read about it here). It was super crowded but we were lucky to still get a table outside. My pappardelle shrimp, were delicious and I am excited for the leftovers I will have for lunch today 😉 After the confusion of mixing up the neighboring table with ours, making the young girl at the table extremely happy, I even got a little brownie cake with cream and a candle to make a which, by the restaurant. We stopped by at The Coffee Bean & Tea on our way back, as I needed to buy something and enjoyed a free espresso to end the day with. Saturday I will celebrate with all my friends by going to a restaurant/bar and I am excited for that. But the day of my birthday itself was perfect, nothing goes about California sun, walking barefoot in the sand, the ocean and Italian food 🙂



Follow the sun


What I will really miss about California is the ocean. I love being able to go to the beach whenever I want within 1o minutes. Not simply because I love to take a walk barefoot in the sand, watch the waves break and listen to the their sound, but mostly because nothing gives me a better mood than a beach day. After a long and stressful weak, for whatever reason, nothing brings back new energy to me faster than relaxing at the beach, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, reading a good book, and enjoying a beautiful sunset, seeing how the sky turns pink and the world golden 🙂