True friendship


This is so true. I could definitely experience this several times in my life already.  The first time during the High School Year I did. Then by moving away from home to start college, just as some of my friends did as well and now by just being in the US again. But isn’t it great to have such good friends, who let you follow your dreams and once you go back home it just feels like you were with them the entire time?!





So on Saturday I was invited to make a road trip to Santa Babara by the other intern at my company, as she was going there with a couple of friends. It was a fun group of 7 people, mainly from different places in Europe. Santa Babara is a pretty city with a nice pier and cute shops. I might have to go there again to do some shopping, when I get the chance. Walking up and down the streets feels as if being in Europe a little as the houses have a Mediterranean touch.  On our way back we decided to stop at Manhattan Beach peer to have some self made brownies at the beach and to enjoy the sunset. It was gorgeous!