Easter Weekend

As I have been to the Grove but never when the Farmers Market was open, my friends and me decided it is about time now on Saturday. I was surprised when I got there because I have imagined something completely different. Not that I was disappointed but in my mind I had pictures markets how they are in Germany. More like being on an open space, with several little stands, offering fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, flowers and so forth. Here it was more like a labyrinth full off different small restaurants and shops. The variety is great and I am sure there is something for everybody. My French friend wanted to show us the French supermarket, which is there as well. Besides all the extraordinary products you can find there, I was so lucky when I found Lindt chocolate. Of course I had to treat myself with one piece of white chocolate, sooo good. Since I didn’t get any easter baskets this year, this was at least a little compensation 😉 Later we had dinner at a Brazilian barbecue place. They had a buffet from which you could choose, to which you could meat that they freshly grilled. It was yummy 🙂







As the LACMA museum is close by we met with another friend there to walk around for a bit and to end the day with a drink.



On Sunday I went to Venice again, but took a walk at the Venice Canals, where I haven’t been before. I loved the surrounding. So many nice houses with beautiful little gardens. Cold Stone ice cream to go, to finish our walk at the Venice pier, before relaxing for a bit at the beach was perfect. How I will miss the combination of grabbing some Cold Stone’s and then relaxing at the beach, while watching the sunset! On Sunday I unfortunately had to leave before sunset but just to be able to enjoy it at the Moonshadows in Malibu. A really nice place, directly at the water, with a really nice view. A little more upscale, especially on this day I would say, as a lot of family’s were apparently celebrating Easter.







All in all I had a perfect weekend with many firsts, which is always good as I can mark things off from my must-do list 🙂 The list is getting smaller, but still seems endless as new things are added frequently by me 😉 But this is what I love LA for, endless possibilities 🙂


My Valentine’s Day


I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Valentines Day in general. There definitely is a bigger hype about it here in the States than there is in Germany. I haven’t seen so many stores all decorated in pink with a thousand of hearts and entire sections in supermarkets full of stuff just for this day in my entire time in Germany combined, as I have seen in a week here! But I have to say I like it here better than in Germany. At least everybody is into it.

As my Valentine is back in Germany, I decided to go for a walk with my flatmate to Venice Beach as it was such a nice and sunny day. We walked all the way to the end of the beach close to Marina. The beach was full of hearts drawn into the sand. I guess many people had the idea to come to beach as it was a perfect day for it. We had ice cream at cold stones, which was really good! So this was the Valentine’s present I had for myself 😉

Finally we enjoyed the perfect sunset at the pier in Venice and went back home to get ready to have some sushi for dinner. All in all it was a nice alternative Valentine’s day 🙂