Litte final treats


While I slowly realize I am really leaving LA next week, more and more all the things I will miss so much pop up in my mind. This is why I took a long beach walk with my roommate and one of her friends, including his Rhodesian Ridgeback Koi yesterday, enjoying the view on all the boats out there. For dinner we went to our favorite Thai restaurant in Malibu, enjoying the drive there watching the sparkling water and the sun disappear behind the mountains, leaving the world in a golden color.

Going back to normal really does not sound like an option for me at the moment and luckily even though I have to leave, it won’t be for long, as I will be back to do a 4 week round trip with some friends from Germany. Then Scotland is coming up, which will be far from normal as well. Trying to think in a positive way is the best I can do now. But one thing for sure, California I will miss you!









Sunshine, cocktails and fun

My last days are flying by, but I can’t say that I am not making use of them wisely. I had a great weekend with a lot of sunshine, the beach, cocktails, sunsets and most important with amazing people, who always make it fun.

On Friday, after getting off from work early, we went to Crystal Cove close to Newport Beach to enjoy some amazing food and cocktails combined with a beautiful sunset.












On Saturday, we enjoyed some British humor, watching Notting Hill, at the Eat Sea Hear outdoor movie night in Santa Monica.



And finally on Sunday we relaxed at the beach and ended the day with some treats from Urth Caffe. I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend 🙂




Follow the sun


What I will really miss about California is the ocean. I love being able to go to the beach whenever I want within 1o minutes. Not simply because I love to take a walk barefoot in the sand, watch the waves break and listen to the their sound, but mostly because nothing gives me a better mood than a beach day. After a long and stressful weak, for whatever reason, nothing brings back new energy to me faster than relaxing at the beach, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, reading a good book, and enjoying a beautiful sunset, seeing how the sky turns pink and the world golden 🙂

Barbecue time

Oh I love barbecues. They are so much fun. It is a perfect way of getting together with friends, enjoying the nice weather, good talks and yummy food. Luckily I not only had my first barbecue of this year on Sunday, but a follow up yesterday for a birthday of a friend.

But let’s start with Sunday. As the weather forecast was really good we decided to do a beach day, and why not combining it with a nice barbecue at the beach?! There are several fire pits at Dockweiler State Beach, which make a barbecue at the beach possible. We had chicken, marinated in a coconut-lime sauce, beef, and my homemade German-potato salad. Really yummy! For desert we had smores, a typical American dish, including Marshmallows you roast over the fire and then make a sandwich out of it with crackers and chocolate. I liked the combination of chocolate and crackers, but Marshmallows are just not my thing. We played ping-pong and other card games. After a lost round of rock-paper-scissors, I took my first dip into the Pacific Ocean while being in California. I didn’t want to get my hair wet, what didn’t quite work out as a huge wave rolled over me from behind, when I was smiling at my friends, feeling victorious, after I finally made it into the water with my entire body. They could have warned me 😉 We enjoyed the sunset and then headed home as it still gets quite cold once the sun is down. We had a nice day, definitely a must-do again, as combining the beach with a barbecue is just perfect!





On Wednesday it was one of our friends birthday. Luckily we could make use of the garden, porch and an electric barbecue of one of my friends landlady, as she was out of town. We decided to make burgers and roast corn. The corn was really sweet and yummy and so was the burger. My roommate brought pastries from the bakery she works in and we had a birthday brownie and cake as well. Afterwards I couldn’t move as so many times before, as I simply ate to much, but what to do if there is so much good stuff around you 😉 The highlight was our self made mojito, finally a good one 🙂

What is so great about California definitely is the weather again because it allows you to have a barbecue whenever you want. In Germany we have to wait a long time until you can really enjoy staying outside until late at night. So here again goes my vow to California and why I love it 🙂






My Valentine’s Day


I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Valentines Day in general. There definitely is a bigger hype about it here in the States than there is in Germany. I haven’t seen so many stores all decorated in pink with a thousand of hearts and entire sections in supermarkets full of stuff just for this day in my entire time in Germany combined, as I have seen in a week here! But I have to say I like it here better than in Germany. At least everybody is into it.

As my Valentine is back in Germany, I decided to go for a walk with my flatmate to Venice Beach as it was such a nice and sunny day. We walked all the way to the end of the beach close to Marina. The beach was full of hearts drawn into the sand. I guess many people had the idea to come to beach as it was a perfect day for it. We had ice cream at cold stones, which was really good! So this was the Valentine’s present I had for myself 😉

Finally we enjoyed the perfect sunset at the pier in Venice and went back home to get ready to have some sushi for dinner. All in all it was a nice alternative Valentine’s day 🙂




German bakery & snow in LA

My flatmate is working in a German bakery, so of course I had to check this out. There would be nothing about German bread for lunch or a ‘Koernerbroetchen’ on the weekends. So I went to 3rd street promenade with my flatmate to look at all the stores they have there and to stop by at the bakery. It is a cute place, but of course, as I already expected, they didn’t have any German bread there. So I either have to keep on looking or just stick with toast for the next couple of months. But despite the fact that they are not really German, their chocolate-ship muffins and apple turnovers are delicious. And I have to try their pretzel sticks, as they looked delicious as well. The best thing about this is, that I can have them for free as my flatmate is allowed to bring home whatever she wants after work 🙂


As the weather was really nice we decided to go down to the beach to relax a bit over there. We had lunch at Tender Greens, really good salads and homemade lemonade over there. We decided to stay there to watch the sunset in Santa Monica, but unfortunately it started to get quite cloudy. After walking the entire day we ended the day by relaxing in the pool and hot tub we have in our complex. Great way to end the day 🙂


Oh and I have to add, this might be one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. We passed by a church on our way to Santa Monica and there was some kind of event going on. Nothing special so far, but they had created artificial snow outside on the lawn in front of the church, so that the kids could play. They had snowball fights and so many happy faces and smiles in one place you hardly get to see. So this was my first snow I saw in California, like it might have been the first snow ever for those children in their life.




So on Saturday I was invited to make a road trip to Santa Babara by the other intern at my company, as she was going there with a couple of friends. It was a fun group of 7 people, mainly from different places in Europe. Santa Babara is a pretty city with a nice pier and cute shops. I might have to go there again to do some shopping, when I get the chance. Walking up and down the streets feels as if being in Europe a little as the houses have a Mediterranean touch.  On our way back we decided to stop at Manhattan Beach peer to have some self made brownies at the beach and to enjoy the sunset. It was gorgeous!





Social Americans


The first thing I decided to do in Los Angeles was going to visit Venice. It’s such a vivid place. There are people performing or trying to sell things to you, people riding along the beach by bike and enjoying the ocean view.

What I directly came across was how open, talkative and social the Americans are compared to the Germans. As I didn’t have a car at this point I was taking the bus. While walking to the bus station almost every person I passed said hello. I couldn’t find the bus station first, so I had to ask. The guy I asked  was really helpful, even leaving his store to walk with me for a bit to show me where to go. Once at Venice I got into a conversation with a guy, who was skateboarding there. We had a 30 minutes conversation, in which he told me about the different areas of LA – and yes LA is just so huge, kind of overwhelming at the beginning -and gave me recommendations about which places to visit. I definitely have to get used to random people just talking to me, but love the openness.