Next destination: Scotland

So it is certain this September I will go to Aberdeen to do my study abroad. I have filled in all the application documents, gathered all the signatures I needed from my school supervisors and hit the send button of my email account. Acknowledgement of receipt of application is what came back, with the note that I have to wait at least until the end of June now to hear back for the final approval from the partner university, I hate waiting… But at least this is the last month I will spend in LA, meaning time will run by. Not that I like that because I could definitely stay in LA way longer, as it will be so hard to say goodbye to all the friends I made here, to the weather, to the beautiful beaches and sunsets and the variety of food places. But at least I won’t fall into total depression when going back, but can look forward to something new and exciting 🙂

And Aberdeen will definitely be new for me. I have been in Scotland once before in the city of Edinburgh and I really liked it. I loved the architecture of the houses and the city in general, the pubs and restaurants that are everywhere and each have their own charm, but are all so welcoming. I might get a shock concerning the weather, as California is hard to beat, but oh well, I just have to convince myself that leaving all my summer cloths at home and packing sweaters over sweaters, an umbrella and boots, is fun 😉 I actually love the boots part, but that’s about it. Every empty space in my suitcase, and I assure you unfortunately there is not a lot, will be filled with California sun and brought with me to Scotland.

If anybody has been in Aberdeen or in Scotland in general, please feel free to contact me and share recommendations  🙂

The pictures, obviously are not taken by me, as it will be my first visit to Aberdeen.


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