USC campus tour












After having visited UCLA two weeks ago, I thought it is time to use some of my free time and make a visit to USC campus as well. Me and a friend took the metro, which has a stop right in front of the campus entrance and took a walking tour. I am always impressed when making visits to campuses of US universities. They are so big, and I love the feeling you get when walking around. I really liked the arrangement of flowers and trees on USC campus. When walking around and paying attention you could see how much thought was put into the design of the campus, with flowers planted and clocks painted in the colors of the school, and even bike paths adjusted to fit the mascot of the school.  It is just so different in Germany, where some universities don’t even have a campus, buildings can be spread around the entire city or you have ugly concrete buildings from the 70s. I have to say the university where I study in the Netherlands is really modern but we totally lack the campus feeling as well. Many clearing-up operations were going on for the finished graduation on the previous day. Many graduates were walking around in their gowns, to take pictures, possibly to take some nice shots without the crowds that must have been there the day before. The tour made me really excited for my upcoming trip to San Francisco this Thursday where I will attend the graduation of my host sister, from my High School Year I did in Virginia back in 2008, on Friday. I can’t wait 🙂



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