Birthday at the beach



So it was my birthday yesterday. Weird not being at home, celebrating with family and friends like I basically did the last 22 years. My supervisor at work was really nice and gave me the day off. I didn’t ask for it, just to come in an hour late so that I would have enough time to skype and talk to everybody in the morning. But he was like ‘are you kidding? Take the day off!’ So I did. Of course everybody else still had to go to work, so I made the decision to take my roommates beach cruiser bike and take the canal path up to the beach, after making all the calls with family and friends. I haven’t been riding a bike while being here and since the weather basically asked for a beach day ( 36°C/97°F) it was the perfect decision. It only took me 15 minutes until I finally reached the beach, secured the bike and started my relaxing day, reading, listening to music and eventually taking a dip in the ocean once in a while. I think I have never spent any birthday at the beach, except maybe when I was younger and we used to go to the Netherlands where we have a trailer. Nothing you can compare to the beaches of LA and the Pacific Ocean though! In the evening my roommate and me went to an Italian place for dinner. I have been to that place before (you can read about it here). It was super crowded but we were lucky to still get a table outside. My pappardelle shrimp, were delicious and I am excited for the leftovers I will have for lunch today 😉 After the confusion of mixing up the neighboring table with ours, making the young girl at the table extremely happy, I even got a little brownie cake with cream and a candle to make a which, by the restaurant. We stopped by at The Coffee Bean & Tea on our way back, as I needed to buy something and enjoyed a free espresso to end the day with. Saturday I will celebrate with all my friends by going to a restaurant/bar and I am excited for that. But the day of my birthday itself was perfect, nothing goes about California sun, walking barefoot in the sand, the ocean and Italian food 🙂




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