Feeling classy




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Yesterday my roommate and me went to Sherman Oaks, being invited by her great uncle to have dinner. First we went to his place up on the hills in Encino. Driving up there, seeing all those mansions and castles makes you really question what it must be like growing up like this. The view from his terrace was great, and combined with the house it would be the perfect place to throw some parties. We went to an Italian restaurant afterwards, called Cucina Bene. The food was delicious! I had Bruschetta and bread knots as starter, Ahi Tuna with seasonal vegetables as main course and Tiramisu for dessert, enjoying it with a glass of Pinot Grigio rounded it up perfectly. Special about this place was the entertainment they have going on every Wednesday night. We were seated in a separate room, welcomed by a pianist playing beautifully. In the room there mainly were older people, perfectly dressed up, which made me feel awkward in the beginning, feeling like I don’t fit in there, but I adjusted to it, after having conversations. Actually most of these older people where musical/opera singers. Some professionals, some just doing it as a hobby, but throughout the entire dinner different people would stand up and sing, accompanied by the sound of the piano. I wish I would understand Italian, because many songs were in Italian. It is unbelievable what incredible voices some people have. If you would not have seen the person, one would have never guessed that almost all of them were in their 60 and upwards. If my voice would sound anywhere close to acceptable I totally would have stood up and sang as well, because the atmosphere was just perfect, but unfortunately I can rather scare people away with my voice than entertain them 😉 It was a nice evening, something totally different, which I could not enjoy all the time, but for once in a while it is really nice having a dinner this way, feeling all classy 🙂



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