Feeling fit


Yesterday week 4 of my 90 day P90x workout, of which I talked about in another post before, started. I am proud of myself so far that I strictly do it every day (except for skipping yoga one time because I got home too late). I can feel that I am definitely not anywhere close to the point where the people in the video are but I can feel myself getting fitter and gaining more perseverance. And this is a beautiful thing as Tony Horton, trainer of P90X would say. I don’t have to force myself to do it every day but the videos are actually fun to do. I guess my results would be even better when I would follow the meal plan provided, but even though the meals look really yummy, I can’t become friends with the thought of cooking an exact recipe every day. I hate grocery shopping with a list in my hand, I rather wander through the store and see what looks appealing to me, or what might be on sale this week, because who doesn’t want to save money being a student?! And then my love and hate relationship with all the brownies, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream and frozen yogurt you can get at every corner here 😀  Oh well, whatever, I feel good and that is most important.  I hope it will stay like this and I can keep my motivation up, so that I can proof all the people in Germany that one doesn’t have to gain weight when coming to the States, as everybody told me before 😉



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