Feeling like a student again








My Saturday trip around different places in LA, which I talked about in my last post (Forever Hollywood), did not end after visiting the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Instead I decided I should definitely take a look at the UCLA campus. When I got there I was quite impressed, I had no clue that the campus is so big and that it has really nice old buildings. I loved that you could find so many green spots. In Germany many colleges just have buildings at different locations, without really having a campus. I really like the American way! As I went there on a Saturday, it wasn’t busy at all, which was nice because I could take as many pictures as I wanted without being interrupted. To my surprise the campus store was open and I almost bought a sweater if they would have had it in my size. I have to bring something else home rather than just pictures that reminds me of my time in LA, so a sweater for the colder weather in Germany would be a good fit I thought. So I have to come back or order online. Being inside the store I felt like a student again looking at all the books and office supplies. Even tough practically I still am one back in Germany, but due to my internship and working everyday it just doesn’t feel like being one anymore. I realized that I kind of miss it.  There was some kind of event going on near the sports field, I could see a lot of people dressed with Indian looking clothes and feathers. I didn’t have time to take a closer look though because my parking ticket was about to expire. Have I mentioned that I hate parking in LA, so expensive sometimes impossible to find a spot 😀


After UCLA I went to the Brentwood Country Mart, which is supposed to be a hot spot for celebrities going there for lunch or to shop in some of the fancy stores. It is relatively small but the food smelled yummy. I for the first time saw paparazzi waiting at the parking lot. Unfortunately I did not have the luck to see anybody famous. But it was fun just walking around, and going inside into stores pretending I could afford spending $700 on a shirt 😉 Interesting to see that they have 20% off your entire purchase sales going on in stores like this as well. But 20% of $700 dollars would really make a difference. I definitely want to go there again to try some food, I just wasn’t hungry when I got there.

The day ended by picking up my roommate from her workplace in Santa Monica, enjoying a delicious strawberry pastry and a ham and cheese croissant for free 🙂


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