Forever Hollywood

Today I had time to do some things that were still on my bucket list. I visited the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica with my roommate, trying some delicious fruits like mandarines, cherries, apples and sweet lemons. One other thing that was still on my list was visiting the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. A lot of the famous people buried there, many having been actors, are probable from a generation my parents would know better about, but I wanted to take a walk anyway. I have to say I really prefer the American design of cemeteries compared to the German one. I like the open space, and the random arrangement of graves on the lawn, some just having a stone and others having a little bed of flowers. On German cemeteries each grave has the exact same size and graves are linked with each other, with no space in-between. Everything is perfectly divided by walkways and there is no lawn at all. There are way more flowers and plants on German graves, as people try to have a perfect arrangement of flowers around the tombstone. With all the flowers it should be nice, but somehow German cemeteries are simply depressing to me whereas American are not. Maybe it is the preciseness that creates that feeling, or taking a look at graves that are not arranged perfectly leaving the impression that no one really cares for those people being buried there… Whatever it is, I enjoyed walking around, even though it was a super hot day. The most known person to me being buried on the Hollywood cemetery is Johnny Ramone, having been guitarist of the band the Ramones, so of course I stopped by. The lake behind was especially pretty 🙂 After my walk I started wondering where other famous Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson are buried. I looked it up, and now another thing was added to my bucket list 😉 One thing crossed off, a new one is added, this is how it goes.







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