Santa Monica at night

Foto 2

Foto 1

Do you know the feeling when you can’t just sit at home but have the urge to do something?! I felt like this yesterday after work. Unfortunately traffic is crazy around that time, so all the places I had in my mind, where I wanted to go to (Redondo Beach, Rodeo Drive) included about an hour ride based on traffic forecast. Not feeling like sitting for that long in the car, I did a P90X workout, thinking I would get quit of some energy. I did, but the urge to go out was still there. So I spontaneously met with a friend at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica quite late. The ride took me only 9 minutes, this was a true miracle for LA, I wish it would be always like this 😀  After some yummy cappuccino and chocolate tiramisu, I went for a walk to Santa Monica Pier. I haven’t had the chance to take pictures there, as I never had my camera with me when being there.




On my way back I was pulled over by the police for a control concerning alcohol while driving. They pulled over every 10th car or so, but I didn’t realize it first, so this were the scariest 30 seconds for me, wondering what I had done wrong, until it made click. I have to admit I had my mom on speaker, skyping with here, so I believed this was the reason for my pullover, and I was awaiting a huge fine. But the police man was really nice just asking if I have been drinking, which I obviously did not, except for coffee, and asked for my name and where I am from. Everything was over in not even a minute. So being pulled over is another first, which I of course did not have on my list 😉




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