P90X – keeping in shape


2 weeks ago a friend of mine has introduced me to P90X. Going for a run every second 2 can get really boring, especially for me as I really don’t like to run, I simply do it because I feel I have to do something to keep in shape. In Germany I went to a gym, doing classes and mainly cardio training. To be honest I simply wanted to save the money on it while being here. So P90X seemed to be a good alternation, coming close to the classes I did. It consists of 14 different videos and 4 different training plans. You have to follow one of those plans (in my case I chose the classic one) for 90 days. Every day you do a certain workout. Every workout is 30 minutes long. There is a great variety, from yoga, pilates, synergistics, dynamics, to workouts called the warrior. Not much is needed, except for weights and a yoga mat for some videos. Luckily my roommate possesses some weights which I can borrow and the yoga mat is replaced by a towel in my case. Water bottles could replaces weights as well.  Tony Horton is the trainer, accompanied by 3 other people in each video. He tries to make the training as being as fun as possible but also keeps you motivated. In the beginning 30 minutes do not really end up in being 30 minutes because I had to stop the video a couple of times to watch how an exercise is performed correctly, but after a while you get the hang of it. I have been doing it since last Monday now, and I can definitely feel it. Some workouts are easier and some are harder, so that I have to modify at some points. For example I am simply not able to do 50 push ups throughout a workout 😀 Adding yet, because hopefully I will get there. I love that the workout is only 30 minutes long. Even though you should do it daily 30 minutes can be scheduled in your daily activities easily, especially doing it at home, because this saves you the commute to the gym and back. On days, on which I know I will be busy and do not get home until late, like yesterday when I went to a baseball game (post will follow on that) directly after work and wasn’t home before 11 at night, I even forced myself to get up before work. I am so proud of myself 😉 What I also love is the variety. Doing something different every day keeps me motivated more than having to do the same workout every day. I will see if I will be able to keep up with the 90 days plan, but I am confident I will. Summer is coming, or unfortunately is most likely here, here in California! But I like setting new goals for myself, and I see it as a challenge, which will hopefully lead to good results 🙂



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