Go Dodgers


On Monday I went to my first real Baseball game. The LA Dodgers were playing against the Philadelphia Phillis. Thanks to a friend, who got 4 tickets for free, we had some really nice seats. Who doesn’t like to have $95 tickets  not paying a cent 😉 After some patient explaining about all the rules, me and a friend finally got it after half an hour of watching the game and a lot of laughs, after looking at each other clueless. I mean the basic rules I already new but the more detailed stuff I had no clue about. I still don’t quite understand what the difference between a strike and a ball is, but oh well, my friend told me we are sitting at a wrong angle, so you can hardly see it. So I don’t blame it on me not understanding it but out position 😉 Baseball in general is a sport I could not watch all the time, as it is too boring for me. I prefer sports that are more dynamic. There has to be something going on all the time like with soccer, handball or basketball. Personally I love to watch handball the most because the outcome of the game is unpredictable until the final minutes most of the time. But I don’t want to talk about handball here, so lets get back to Baseball. Unfortunately the Dodgers weren’t able to make any points during the game and lost with a total score of 0 to 5. Some people already asked me if I had a Dodgers Dog, and of course I had! It was good, but I had better ones before. It was my first hotdog in LA though, so again another first beside going to a Baseball game.

All in all it was a fun night! It was great to experience the atmosphere within the stadium. The funniest thing of the night were the cameras going around, showing random people. Some people must have been really embarrassed this night 😉 Oh and I know what Dodgers blue is now 🙂



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