Barbecue time

Oh I love barbecues. They are so much fun. It is a perfect way of getting together with friends, enjoying the nice weather, good talks and yummy food. Luckily I not only had my first barbecue of this year on Sunday, but a follow up yesterday for a birthday of a friend.

But let’s start with Sunday. As the weather forecast was really good we decided to do a beach day, and why not combining it with a nice barbecue at the beach?! There are several fire pits at Dockweiler State Beach, which make a barbecue at the beach possible. We had chicken, marinated in a coconut-lime sauce, beef, and my homemade German-potato salad. Really yummy! For desert we had smores, a typical American dish, including Marshmallows you roast over the fire and then make a sandwich out of it with crackers and chocolate. I liked the combination of chocolate and crackers, but Marshmallows are just not my thing. We played ping-pong and other card games. After a lost round of rock-paper-scissors, I took my first dip into the Pacific Ocean while being in California. I didn’t want to get my hair wet, what didn’t quite work out as a huge wave rolled over me from behind, when I was smiling at my friends, feeling victorious, after I finally made it into the water with my entire body. They could have warned me 😉 We enjoyed the sunset and then headed home as it still gets quite cold once the sun is down. We had a nice day, definitely a must-do again, as combining the beach with a barbecue is just perfect!





On Wednesday it was one of our friends birthday. Luckily we could make use of the garden, porch and an electric barbecue of one of my friends landlady, as she was out of town. We decided to make burgers and roast corn. The corn was really sweet and yummy and so was the burger. My roommate brought pastries from the bakery she works in and we had a birthday brownie and cake as well. Afterwards I couldn’t move as so many times before, as I simply ate to much, but what to do if there is so much good stuff around you 😉 The highlight was our self made mojito, finally a good one 🙂

What is so great about California definitely is the weather again because it allows you to have a barbecue whenever you want. In Germany we have to wait a long time until you can really enjoy staying outside until late at night. So here again goes my vow to California and why I love it 🙂







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