Dinner time

Since being here in the States I am going out for lunch and dinner so much more than I did before in Germany. But I guess this is an American thing, since cooking here sometimes can be more expensive than actually eating out, of course depending on where you go. Yesterday a couple of friends and me went out for another dinner together. We decided to go to The Misfit Bar & Restaurant in Santa Monica. I have been here on my second weekend after I arrived, after the Super Bowl, with a friend from Virginia, both not knowing any places in LA, simply deciding on something that looked appealing. The Misfit is a really nice place. It has really high ceilings, and is decorated in a mix of retro and vintage style. The light it generally dimmed, which gives the place a special atmosphere. I really like the design of the bar. It was really crowded when we got there, but I would refer that back to the food, which was really good. We tried different burger and salads and were all pleased. I had the ahi burger (sushi grade tuna, carefully ground and seared rare, avocado, spicy mayo on toast or a bun), which was really yummy! Definitely a place to go again.

As there is only gelato for dessert, we decided to go somewhere else. On of my friends recommended a good crepes place. I think I had the largest crepe I ever had in my life 😀 It was filled with bananas, strawberries, walnuts, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream! I couldn’t move for like 20 minutes after finishing it but it was good. Next time this will be my entire dinner though 😉


Eating out is a nice way of getting together with people and I love to see different places, while trying as many new things as possible. And isn’t it nice not having to clean dishes after you are done, especially when not having a dish washer?! So if somebody has recommendations of restaurant chains or actually is from the area of LA feel welcome giving recommendations 🙂 But overall I would say I prefer cooking at home over eating out. Because when cooking at home I can create dishes with exactly the ingredients I love. And it is so much fun gathering with friends and cooking together. I like to try out new things and for me cooking is actually fun. Of course it is great though to get some inspiration when eating out. I really like to try to cook what I have been eating in a restaurant, adapting it here and there. I am the person rather trying something new in a restaurant, instead of going for things that I can easily make at home. So it can be a little culinary adventure for me 🙂

Do you like eating out or do you prefer cooking at home? Leave a comment 🙂


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