This quote is so true. Happiness is what matters the most. It is not about earning the most money, living in the fanciest house and being high on the career ladder, but it is about what personally makes us happy. If we are happy with what we are doing, it is a clear indicator of what is right and what is wrong. Of course for some people this can mean following their dream career, or having a certain standard money wise. But happiness has no clear definition. For me happiness means being in a place I love, being surrounded by people I love and having enough freedom to do all the things I love. I can honestly say that I haven’t found my dream place yet, even though LA is pretty close. I love being close to the beach, having sunny weather most of the time, and having endless possibilities for going out, just grabbing my camera and taking pictures of some wonderful moments. I am surrounded by people I really like but of course my family and friends from Germany are missing. Overall I am happy, I know I have made the right decision to go abroad again, to explore and to create myself a little more every day I am here 🙂 Can you say that you are truly happy with your life? What does happiness mean for you? Leave a comment!


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