Trying something new


On Monday a couple of friends and me decided to try something new food wise. So we went to a Japanese barbecue. When I normally think about Japanese food sushi, rice and miso-soup pop into my mind, which I love. I seriously could have sushi every day 😀  So if sushi is that good, other Japanese food must be as well I thought. And I was proven to be right later 🙂 We went to a place called Gyu-Kaku in Beverly Hills. A friend, who has been there before, recommended it. It was really crowded and quite noisy as they had all-day happy hour going on, which was nice for us because it meant we could try more for less money 😉 It was a mixed crowd, mainly younger people though. I would definitely recommend making a reservation, as waiting times on Mondays can be 45 minutes depending on how big your group is.

So what is Japanese barbecue like? Basically there is a grill in the middle of the table. You order raw meat and fish, for example we ordered different versions of beef, duck, shrimps and scallops for all to share, but they have more on their menu. They have a great variety of vegetables as well, but we were more into meat that day 😉 The raw meat and fish is grilled by yourself, but they offer already prepared snacks as well, as garlic noodles, different versions of rice, crispy wasabi shrimps or spring rolls only to name a few. The food was really yummy and I really liked to be able to try a little bit of everything instead of having one dish, like it is if you go to other restaurants. What I liked as well is that it takes longer to eat, of course this is mainly due to the fact that you have to wait for the meat to be done, but this allows for more chatting in-between, and this is a big factor when going out with friends, at least for me. I would definitely recommend trying it by yourself if you have a Japanese barbecue place in your city. There might be even a  Gyu-Kaku one as they are present in different states. Or stop by at Gyu-Kaku in Beverly on your next trip to LA 😉

Later we figured that the area where the restaurant is located, is like a little barbecue area as there are a Vietnamese-, and a Brazilian-barbecue right around the corner. So next time we agreed it will be the Brazilian one, as I never had Brazilian food before. I am excited 🙂 And this is what is so great about LA, especially comparing it to Germany, you just have a million of options to go to and to try. I guess I could be going to a new place here every day during my internship and wouldn’t have tried half of the places here. But the best about all those places is the variety. I am definitely having on my to-do list to try out as many different cuisines as possible while I am here, hopefully without the result of gaining too much weight 😉


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