Getting closer

Yesterday I finally had time to check out my new camera lens, which I got on Sunday. Previously I have been using the standard kit lens (18-55mm), which came with my camera. It is a nice lens and absolutely sufficient for getting started when buying your first dslr camera and I was always pleased with the pictures I took. Especially because of the wide angel you can achieve, which is great for some nature pictures. But especially since being in California I wanted a lens with a greater focal length, with which I could zoom in a little more and get closer to objects. So I ordered a Canon 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens. I figured this would be a good adaption to my standard lens and I got a really good deal on it. I have to say that at the moment I don’t have the resources to spend a lot of money as I am on a budget here in California, but the value of the dollar compared to the Euro really works to my advantage, so I figured when expanding your camera equipment I should do it here in the States.  I was really excited the entire week after opening the package, but I simply didn’t have enough time to go somewhere to take pictures. The weather was really nice yesterday throughout the day, and since I simply love the beach, I decided to again take some pictures of the sunset. First because it would let me compare the lens better to my other one, because I have been taking pictures of a sunset several times and second no sunset is the same here. Each one is beautiful and my mood improves instantly the second I step onto the sand. I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am to be able to go to the beach whenever I want! This is a privilege, which I will miss the most when going back to Germany and of course the good weather, as this makes the perfect combination.

So here are some outcomes, which turned out pretty good in my opinion 🙂 For example the birds, of which I would have never been able to take a closer shoot without such a lens, as they keep running away if you get close, just as they run from the water every time a wave approaches 😉








Tomorrow I am going to Big Bear Lake with a couple of friends, so hopefully I will be able to capture some nice shots there. I am excited for the weekend 🙂


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