International Dinner


So some of my friends and me decided we will do an international food dinner, which we had yesterday. Meaning everybody brings a typical dish from their country of origin. As we are a group being from different countries around the world, this is quite interesting. I was wondering about what I should bring for a while, because I think it is quite hard to say what is typically German. Especially if you have to bring something that is supposed to be like finger food, not an entire meal.  “Rolladen, potatoes, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut” is something that comes directly into my mind, but first of all these are things, which I am not a big fan of (except for potatoes, I could eat them every day in all varieties 😉 )  and secondly you serve an entire meal with it. So I was thinking why not making a cake, the cake I used to bake with my grandmother since I was really young a hundred of times, called “Kaesesahne Torte“. The hard thing is that we use to bake it with something called quark, which is not common in the States. I was doing research online and I finally found a post saying you can buy it here at Wholefoods. I was really excited when I found the product in the store. So I was even more disappointed when I started making the cake, realizing this is normal creme cheese spread but not what I wanted. Oh well, since I had bought all the other ingredients I though why not try to make the best out of it, and make a cream-cheese-mandarin cake. I have to admit, baking is an adventure here 😀 I don’t know who had the stupid idea of measuring everything in cups and ounces instead of just using a scale and doing it in grams, so much easier! As I didn’t have a mixer or blender I had to do everything by hand, I can still feel my arm hurting 😀  The base of the cake turned out to be really hard, not fluffy like it is supposed to be. All in all it was a completely different cake, but to my luck nobody could compare it to the original recipe and everybody said it was yummy. Besides my cake we had stuffed chicken (American), lasagna (American), mashes potatoes with beef and carrots (Belgian) and french crepes for dessert. Everything was really yummy 🙂 I couldn’t move after eating all of this but it is a great way to try new things. Definitely a must do again 🙂


5 thoughts on “International Dinner

    • Thanks for stopping by. What you are doing is great, I love the idea! But it must be so time consuming to find all the recipes, go grocery shopping and then prepare food you have never cooked before?! I’ll be following and am excited to see all the new delicious recipes you post 🙂

      • Yes, it is very time consuming. And it is also difficult sometimes because I am currently in college. I have kind of been taking a break these past few weeks because school is keeping me very busy with final papers and exams.

      • Totally understandable! I am in college as well so I know what you mean. Luckily there are more days in a year than countries in the world, so you’ve got some spare time, still being able to achieve your goal.

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