Weekend résumé

This weekend the temperature climbed up and reached the 90’s on Sunday (over 30 degrees Celsius). Can’t believe it, it is only March and we get temperatures we only reach a couple of times in July and August in Germany at all. So of course this meant spending as much time outside as possible to enjoy this beautiful weather 🙂

On Friday night I was invited to a farewell get together. One of the interns at my company is moving to Boston, so we all had to say goodbye. I guess this is the part that sucks the most about spending time abroad. You make new friends knowing that sooner or later you have to say goodbye not knowing if or when you might see each other again. In this case if was sooner than expected. But this is something you just have to take into account when being abroad. I mean it definitely is a plus getting to know so many people from different countries of the world! I just hope one day I will be able to see everybody again, I guess I just have to make a trip around the world 😉

On Saturday I went to the Getty museum with one of my friends, attending an internations event again. It was a guided tour, talking about the architecture of the place, which was really interesting. We had lunch before and enjoyed the beautiful view and the weather. Of course I got a little sunburn on my shoulders, because there simply was no shade during the entire tour. I enjoyed a coffee in Beverly afterwards and then was invited to have real Italian self-made pizza. It was good, better than the typical American one you get at restaurants here. The day ended with some live music in a bar.







On Sunday I went to Malibu with my roommate. We wanted to do a hike at the beach, but the tight was so high that we couldn’t go all the way. The other hiking place we went to, was so crowded that we couldn’t find any parking spot. Not even a mile away! This reminded me that we are in LA again, crazy traffic -.- I guess everybody had the idea to go hiking since it was such a nice day. So we decided it wasn’t meant to be for us to go on a hike that day, so we went to Lake Shrine directly. This is a recreational area, where some of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi are kept. It is a nice place to relax and to get away, even though being in LA. Afterwards we went to a Thai restaurant, called Cholada Thai Cuisine, in Malibu and I have to say this was probable the best Thai food I had since having been in Thailand in 2011. Definitely will go there again! When we got home I relaxed at the pool for a couple of hours, but I guess all the neighbors with kids decided to invite their friends with even more kids…so it was really noisy and you get splashed even though it wasn’t on purpose. Oh well at least I have a pool to use here 😉





So all in all I had a great but packed weekend. Can’t believe I am here for more than 6 weeks now. Time is flying so I guess I have to continue like this, just making the most out of the time I have here 🙂


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