Getting Up Close

Photography is such a fun thing to do and to learn about. It not only allows me to capture beautiful moments that I can share with my family and friends who unfortunately cannot be here, but also encourages me to be creative. Being a photographer, even though only doing it as a hobby, makes you wander around the streets differently. I walk around trying to figure out what could be a good angle for a photograph and try to look for little things that are hidden, not the most obvious ones. It makes yourself being more aware about what is around you! Two weeks ago I attended a photography class, where we learned the basics of photography, but also got some explanations about lenses and filters to use. As I like to go outside sometimes and take some pictures of things I can find in my neighborhood, like flowers, I though it would be a good idea to try some close up lenses/filters. This is the cheap way to go, if you can’t afford spending a lot of money on a macro lens, or just want to try some shots first. Close up filters allow your lens to focus more closely to the subject than it otherwise would without the filter. This is a great way to capture details. So my amazon order arrived last Friday and sure I had to go out and try out my newly bough equipment. Here are some results. I have to say I am pleased with my outcomes for making use of the equipment the first time and definitely not being an expert 🙂


IMG_1301 2






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