Taycor Financial Review

I have been working as an intern at Taycor Financial for a little more than 5 weeks now and I just wanted to give a quick review about my experience so far.

Taycor Financial is a well-established equipment leasing and financing company, founded in 1997 by Bob Skibinski. It has joined the rank of America’s best equipment leasing and financing companies, being present on the “Ink 500” list of America’s fastest growing companies. The company’s mission is to provide first class service in the equipment leasing and financing industry. Their number one goal is to help their customers to achieve success. They are dedicated to provide the best leasing and financing options for small- and medium-sized businesses in various industries, in a 5,000 up to a 5 million dollar range.

Working here at Taycor Financial has been a good experience so far. The company culture is really open and relaxed, which makes working here enjoyable. The task we get encompass a great variety. So I am not only getting a good insight in how equipment leasing and financing companies work and operate, but I am also involved in projects like creating websites, business development tasks like improving CRM of the company, or marketing activities. This mix helps me to improve my skills in various areas and leaves room to apply what I have been learning in various classes at college. Not being limited on one area, is something I see as a great advantage here at Taycor Financial.

I am looking forward to the upcoming months and am glad to have the opportunity to work here at Taycor Financial 🙂


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