“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”- Ellen Jonson Sirleaf

I stumbled across this quote on pinterest the other day and I had to stop doing what I was working on to think about it. Should we follow dreams that scare us? And if so, would this fear not only stop us from following them in the end and hinder us to pursue them? To find an answer I was thinking about my dreams, coming back to the US and living here for a longer amount of time was one of them. And there definitely was fear involved. I have made the experience before to leave my home for a year, to leave all my family and friends behind and to come to a place where I did not know anybody. There is fear about loneliness and questions you ask yourself like will I be able to adjust to all the differences? Will I be able to make new friends quickly? How will it be when I come back home, what has changed? In addition as this is my first internship, I was scared about how I would perform? Would I like the company? But besides all these scary questions the excitement about coming here surpassed the negative aspects. I am really glad that I got the opportunity to be here and to pursue one of my dreams. I personally believe that fear does not hinder you in pursuing your dreams. If fear does stop you then you simply weren’t dedicated enough to follow your dream. Maybe it wasn’t a real dream then. And if dreams wouldn’t fear us at all, it would be too easy. Because every big step we make in our life will result in changes, and changes always come along with a good and a bad side, meaning things we are scared about. For me the fear I had kept me focused and helped me in staying realistic. It helped me in deciding do I really want it or not. Will it be good for me or not. So yes for me Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is right, try not only to focus on your small dreams just because they are easier to achieve, but go for the big ones 🙂


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