Rain in California

So today is the first day it really rained while I am here. It has rained before during the night, but the days were pretty much all sunny with some cloudy days in between. Of course in California everybody is saying we need the rain, and I can totally understand. It hasn’t rained pretty much all winter long and I don’t want to go under water restriction, meaning we would have to time our showers and so forth, as well. So it’s good, but why does it have to rain on the weekend?! Maybe it will just be today and tomorrow and Sunday will be sunny again. I hope so! The bad thing about the rain is that of course I didn’t think about bringing an umbrella when I was packing my suitcase. Rainy days just do not happen in California in my little dream bubble 😉  So I was lucky this morning that it stopped raining when I was going to work. It was pouring rain before, so hard that the lights in my room were flickering and the internet stopped working. Creepy, I don’t want to know what happens when they have thunderstorms here?! Maybe they never do 😉 So let’s hope it won’t rain around 5 o’clock.


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