Crazy Traffic in LA

When I got my car here, I knew that I had to expect traffic being horrible. So many people told me LA is crazy traffic wise, always avoid rush hours and try to take the side streets instead of using the interstate. Looking up the topic on the internet just underlined the statements people made. But honestly I don’t think one can imagine how traffic is like when not being here and experiencing it by themselves. I was used to being stuck in traffic, living in an area in Germany, which is crowded with cars as well. But this is nothing compared to here. After being here for 2 weeks now, every time I went to some place a little bit further away I got stuck. A 20 minutes ride becomes a 1 hour ride on a normal basis.

I took the following picture on my way back from the Grove yesterday. Sorry for such a bad picture, but I wasn’t able to take a better one out of the car ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think it still shows what I mean. 10 lanes full of cars going in both directions, so there is no escape. The worst you don’t see the traffic before actually being on the freeway ramp. Don’t you like how the lights just emerge into a continuous stream?! ๐Ÿ˜‰


So the guy I met and Venice on my first day after arriving said something really wise. ‘Think about navigation systems, they show you the way a million other people are shown by their systems as well.’ So true, but what to do if you are not familiar with the area?! Taking side streets is not an option for me yet.


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