Work Experience

Being here in LA is not simply for fun. The main reason why I am here is my internship at Taycor Financial. So I thought I should talk about my experiences at the company as well.

The best part to start is by giving a quick overview of what the company does. The following is basically a summary of the notes I made for myself before I had my job interview with Taycor. So Taycor Financial is an US based equipment leasing & financing company founded in 1997 by Bob Skibinski. They operate offices in Los Angeles, California and Boston, Massachusetts. It has joined the rank of America’s top businesses in equipment leasing, being present on the “Ink 500” list of America’s fastest growing companies. The company’s mission is to provide first class service in the equipment leasing industry. Their number one goal is to help their customers to achieve success. So they provide financing options to small and medium sized businesses in all kind of industries, operating in ranges from 5,000 to 5 million dollar financing options.

So having worked at Taycor for a little over a week now, I can say that I have a good first impression. The company culture is really open and relaxed, which makes working here enjoyable. I am working together with 2 other inters, which allows for group projects but working independently as well. I am enjoying work so far and hope it will continue like this in the upcoming weeks and months.



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