German bakery & snow in LA

My flatmate is working in a German bakery, so of course I had to check this out. There would be nothing about German bread for lunch or a ‘Koernerbroetchen’ on the weekends. So I went to 3rd street promenade with my flatmate to look at all the stores they have there and to stop by at the bakery. It is a cute place, but of course, as I already expected, they didn’t have any German bread there. So I either have to keep on looking or just stick with toast for the next couple of months. But despite the fact that they are not really German, their chocolate-ship muffins and apple turnovers are delicious. And I have to try their pretzel sticks, as they looked delicious as well. The best thing about this is, that I can have them for free as my flatmate is allowed to bring home whatever she wants after work 🙂


As the weather was really nice we decided to go down to the beach to relax a bit over there. We had lunch at Tender Greens, really good salads and homemade lemonade over there. We decided to stay there to watch the sunset in Santa Monica, but unfortunately it started to get quite cloudy. After walking the entire day we ended the day by relaxing in the pool and hot tub we have in our complex. Great way to end the day 🙂


Oh and I have to add, this might be one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. We passed by a church on our way to Santa Monica and there was some kind of event going on. Nothing special so far, but they had created artificial snow outside on the lawn in front of the church, so that the kids could play. They had snowball fights and so many happy faces and smiles in one place you hardly get to see. So this was my first snow I saw in California, like it might have been the first snow ever for those children in their life.


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