What goes around comes back around

Haven’t we all heard about horrible experiences at the DMV? Long waiting times and most unfriendly people. I have to admit my previous experiences at the DMV in Virginia were just the same. Being from Germany which leads to additional questions sometimes didn’t help in making people act more nicely. So I wasn’t delighted at all about having to go to the DMV this morning to get the title for my recently purchased car. I was looking for all the offices in my area, and of course appointments were not available within basically the next 10 days. But oh well I had to get my car registered anyways, so I picked the one only being 5 minutes from my work place. I got there by 7:45 (the office opens at 8) and there was already a line of about 25 people. My first thought was you are never gonna make it to work by 9.  But I have to admit it took me only half an hour in total. Waiting outside definitely was the longest part. Once I was inside and had my appointed number I could directly process to the counter. The lady there was nice and I got into a conversation with her about me being from Germany. So actually it wasn’t bad at all, I made it to work on time and was even able to stop and get gas.
I had the feeling here that how people treat you just depends a lot on how you treat them. Most people just get quite unfriendly when being in a rush.  But if you just keep relaxed accepting the fact that you can’t do anything to speed up the process anyways, and keep friendly, it’s alright. As the saying goes “what goes around comes back around”.

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