Super Bowl

To be honest I have no clue about American football. All the rules were explained to me when I was in the States 6 years ago, but I simply forgot them. I have to point out to my defense that there is no American football in Germany, we are much more in love with soccer. But of course the Super Bowl is THE event in the States so I sure had to watch it. So what to do and where to go when you are in the States for only 3 days?! I was lucky that a friend of mine from Virginia (I did my High School Year there) was in Los Angeles for the weekend to celebrate his friends birthday. So I was invited to watch the game in a sports bar with him, and his friends family. Again the Americans are so polite and welcoming, there was plenty of food, and margaritas for everyone. Even though I didn’t understand all the rules I had fun to watch. Aren’t the commercials the best part anyways?! We actually decided to only watch half of the game to get the chance to explore LA a little more, as it was my friends first time in California as well. We went to Santa Monica pier, walked at the beach and finally had dinner in ‘The Misfits Bar’. Nice atmosphere and good food there. Definitely can recommend the place. The only thing that was bothering me was the rain, definitely not what comes into my mind when I am thinking about California…But oh well, better than the 41 degrees in Germany. I guess I should count myself lucky. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me to take pictures.. But all in all it was a fun night in which I could experience the American way of life again 🙂


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