Social Americans


The first thing I decided to do in Los Angeles was going to visit Venice. It’s such a vivid place. There are people performing or trying to sell things to you, people riding along the beach by bike and enjoying the ocean view.

What I directly came across was how open, talkative and social the Americans are compared to the Germans. As I didn’t have a car at this point I was taking the bus. While walking to the bus station almost every person I passed said hello. I couldn’t find the bus station first, so I had to ask. The guy I asked  was really helpful, even leaving his store to walk with me for a bit to show me where to go. Once at Venice I got into a conversation with a guy, who was skateboarding there. We had a 30 minutes conversation, in which he told me about the different areas of LA – and yes LA is just so huge, kind of overwhelming at the beginning -and gave me recommendations about which places to visit. I definitely have to get used to random people just talking to me, but love the openness.



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