Arrival in Los Angeles


Coming to LA from Germany is quite a long trip, but there is worse. My flight was ok, I was watching movies, listening to music and then there was lunch, dinner and snacks, which made the first part of my flight pass by fast. I had a stop in Chicago O’Hare, where we were delayed for about 30 minutes, so nothing too bad. I was really lucky though when I was stepping out of the airplane and even luckier when I saw my suitcase. Going to another country for 5 month definitely means your ‘entire live’ is stuffed in this one bag you are allowed to carry.
I was lucky to find a room before I came here, meaning I was able to get settled in directly from the beginning. After a taxi ride I was welcomed at my house, which I am sharing with to other people. The only thing I wanted to do though was sleeping, after being up for 24 hours including the time difference.

What I actually was able to realize for myself even though only being here for a couple of hours is how much I missed the States.


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