A few words about myself

My name is Fiona, I am 21 years old and were born in Germany. I just moved to Los Angeles a couple of days ago, to hopefully have an unforgettable experience here. I am doing an internship at a local company in the field of marketing. But before going into more detail about this and the first experiences I made, I just want to give a quick update of why I decided to come to the States as I consider it as a really important step of my life.

So basically I am attending college in the Netherlands in the field of International Business & Management Studies, doing an internship is an obligatory part of my study. We have the free option to decide about where we want to go and in what field we want to work.  I have done a High School year in 2008 in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I met so many new people I can consider my friends now. This was the point where I really started to love the American way of life. I always wanted to come back to the States at a later point in my life, so I thought why not go this way and do your internship in the States to get to know the American business life as well.

Finding a place to do your internship in the States is not quite easy to do by yourself from Germany. There are differences in application procedures, long visa processes and the fact of not being present doesn’t help as well. So I decided to contact an organization that would help me find the right place. It was a 3 months process of first writing applications, waiting, until the job interview over Skype and finally getting my visa, which was my entry ticket into the States. Now I am here in Los Angeles at Taycor Financial.

I am looking forward to my internship and the 5 month in general, which will hopefully turn out to be a unforgettable and life changing experience.


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